Kinect – a new way to stay fit

Kinect, an Xbox 360 accessory is a relatively new technology to the health and wellbeing scene. I have searched exhaustively on the Internet for (non-game related) articles on this topic that formally embraces this new technology as an alternative form of exercise, but atlas, the results are few and far inbetween. There are websites such as BBC that have fantastic articles on fitness and health in general (such as [here]), but what disappoints me is the lack of mention on the more alternative, less known options.

Kinect titles such as Kinect Sports, Dance Central and Your shape: fitness evolved are all excellent examples of cheap, disciplined and home-based alternatives to gym and outdoor activities. They keep the players motivated through a variety of exercises, are not restricted by the weather or travel distances, and are cheaper to own than gym memberships. In my opinion, they should be especially attractive to the niche of individuals who have little time or budget to spend on fitness (that is, not counting actual gamers). That being said, however, they should not be used to replace the other exercise methods. Striking a good balance between the different forms is a technique that you will need to work out and implement yourself based on your own schedule and needs.